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dotMake Pictures

Make cool pictures starring you!   Do it just for fun or share them on Facebook, IM or email!

Prom Makeover
Stop looking like a baboon's butt! Get a free, instant prom makeover from our stylists!
Put yourself on the Jumobtron!
Chocolate Bar
Make your own chocolate bar!
Create your own miraculous apparition.
Romance Novel
Turn your picture into a Harlequin-like romance novel cover!
Wanted Poster
Make loved ones know they're "WANTED"! Put them on a poster!

Fun & Games

Secret Messages
Code and decode secret messages with our Word Scrambler.
All kinds of free games. Shooters, puzzles, mini golf, and much more.

Geek Stuff

A small, homemade trebuchet capable of firing balls of Play-Doh.
Morse Code Translator
Type some words to hear what they would sound like in Morse Code.

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